2010 - Started working at Heal the World 4 Us - Founder and CEO

AUGUST 2011:

  1. 2011 - August 5: Hi my name is Enzo van vuuren i am a 48 year old male. I am a CNN iREPORTER. My self will be leaving on the 1 of September 2010 on a 6 month trip threw Soulth Africa on a mountain bike. I am bringing a message of real hope. I have investigated a natural plant oil extract that have great healing powers. I will also raise awareness on healthy water the choice is not always clear. Should you want to get involve to help please me. Contact me please.
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  1. 2011 - September 26: I have visited 11 Dis-Chems and 14 Nedbanks on my 6000 Km Trip.
    Hi my name is Enzo van Vuuren a 48 year old male, and a CNN iREPORTER. Head of Media at Heal the World Projects in George W Cape. I have departed from the Woodlands Dis-Chem Pharmacy store in Pretoria on the 1 of September 2011 on a 6000 KM trip through South Africa on a mountain bike. I am bringing a message of real hope. I have investigated OMEGA WASH a natural plant oil extracts that have great healing powers.
    I will also raise awareness on healthy WATER the choice is not always clear. I will also use range of natural products for myself. I have investigated them and want to proof that a person can change life at the age of 50. TURNING BACK THE CLOCK. I want to visit all the 63 Dis-Chem stores on my trip. And all the NEDBANK branches on my route.
    With the help of the Anti drug alliance of South Africa a sec 18 NPO Reg nr 087-815 NPO. I will raise funds for the GREEN FINGERS for JESUS green project in Magaliesburg. GREEN FINGERS for JESUS is a educational and Job creation project in Agriculture and water purification for our YOUTH.
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  1. 2011 - October 6: On my way to Rustenburg and Sun City. Visited 20 Dis-Chems and 17 Nedbanks on my 6000 KM trip.
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  2. 2011 - October 16: Roodepoort Town Lodge
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  3. 2011 - October 16: Ek het vroeg gery na n lekker kuier by ons Green fingers for Jesus Project in Magaliesburg.
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  4. 2011 - October 16: Olifantsnek net voor Rustenburg.
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  5. 2011 - October 19: Photo of Enzo and his bike. The bike has the words “6000 KM Mountain Bike Challenge 2011 to 2012” on it. A Dis-Chem Pharmacies logo appears on the bike as well.
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  1. 2012 - First Met Someone. (Corner Ms Gauteng)
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  1. 2012 - November 26: Photo of a vehicle sponsored by Renault Bryanston. Also has the words “6000 km Cycle Challenge on the vehicle. Reg Number: BL 48 FZ GP
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  1. 2012 - December 1: ONLY 5 RAND
  2. 2012 - December 6: Shares a Sanwild Intensive Protection Zones for Rhinos post about saving a wounded rhino that had managed to run away and hide from poachers who butchered the rest of the herd.
  3. 2012 - December 11: Comment on a shared post of The Rhino Orphanage “Hulle was in my droom 3 dae terug.”
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  4. 2012 - December 16: Photo of a hat with the words “4000 Km RHINO Cycle Challenge Only 5 Rand” printed on it.
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  5. 2012 - December 21: Shared a post of The Rhino Orphanage.
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  1. 2013 - December 6: Smart Car with black rhino horn in a photo.
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  2. 2013 - December 6: We visited Denneoord Primary School. Thanks to the kids for buying our eco incubators growing their baby spekboom.
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  3. 2013 - December 8: Advert for his “Pure Restructured Mineral Water”. On top of the ad it says “Dail A Drop”.
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  4. 2013 - December 12: Photo with the caption “First Frame”.
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  1. 2014 - February 27: Middleburg.
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MARCH 2014:

  1. 2014 - March 2: Alchemy Guesthouse Bloemfontein thanks for a lovely stay.
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  2. 2014 - March 2: John Williams Mercedes Bloemfontein sponsored fuel.
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  3. 2014 - March 7: Africa Knotted Roots Guest Farm which was named after the Knotted Root Tree that was planted here in 1938, is a unique guest house and events venue situated in a magnificent farm setting direct of the N1, 12 kilometers from Vanderbijlpark.
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  4. 2014 - March 10: Thanks Mercedes Benz Roodepoort for our fuel.
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  5. 2014 - March 11: Delarey Lodge and Guest House.
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  6. 2014 - March 12: Palm Valley Inn is self-catering holiday flats privately owned and situated in Schoemansville, Hartbeespoort.
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  7. 2014 - March 13: Mercedes fuel at Maemo Motors.
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  8. 2014 - March 18: @four guesthouse Brits.
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  9. 2014 - March 18: Garden Court Morningside.
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  10. 2014 - March 19: Sandton Holiday Inn.
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  11. 2014 - March 20: Hilton Hotel Sandton.
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  12. 2014 - March 21: Rosebank Holliday Inn.
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  13. 2014 - March 24: Centurion Lake Hotel.
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  14. 2014 - March 25: Road Lodge Centurion.
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  15. 2014 - March 26: Garden Court Hatfield.
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  16. 2014 - March 27: Visits Mercedes Benz offices.
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  17. 2014 - March 27: Avalon Guest House.
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  18. 2014 - March 28: Visiting the media session in Pretoria.The 20-member delegation is headed by the Vice Minister of Natural Resources and Environment, Assoc Prof Bui Cach Tuyen from Vietnam.
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  19. 2014 - March 29: Bureau Chief Nguyen Minh Duc from Vietnam News Agency.
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  20. 2014 - March 30: Lekkerbly Chalet Guest House.
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APRIL 2014:

  1. 2014 - April 4: Photo of Enzo’s car at Mokopane.
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  2. 2014 - April 4: Photo of Enzo with a baby rhino.
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  3. 2014 - April 14: Thanks Mercedes-Bence Polokwane for our fuel.
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  4. 2014 - April 15: Legend Wildlife & Cultural Centre.
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  5. 2014 - April 15: Tempel Warmbaths Holiday Resort (Forever Resorts).
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  6. 2014 - April 15: Lions Camp Sondela.
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  7. 2014 - April 15: The Rhino Orphanage.
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  8. 2014 - April 16: Pendeleberrry Grove, Bella Bella.
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  9. 2014 - April 23: Thanks to GOD and the Protea Hotel Group - O.R Tambo Garden Court. One of there best Hotels.
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  10. 2014 - April 24: Africa House Guest House. Centurion.
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  11. 2014 - April 24: Thanks GOD for providing so well, and the friendly staff at Protea Hotel Samrand.
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  12. April 25: Thanks to 54 on Bath Hotel.
  13. 2014 - April 25: Thanks Mercedes North Cliff, For our fuel and the use of your workshop.
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  14. 2014 - April 26: Photos of a few of his “incubators” taken at Bernally's Fishing Lodge.
    Facebook Page
  15. 2014 - April 26: Day 4 at Bernally's Fishing Lodge. 6h30 time to catch a fish.
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  16. 2014 - April 26: Rhino and Lion nature reserve.
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  17. 2014 - April 27: Thanks to the friendly staff at Randburg Road Lodge.
  18. 2014 - April 27: It is time to leave Gauteng and head of to Bloemfontein, Free State. To celebrate Heal the World 4 Us Day on Workers day 1 May 2014. It is our second year we celebrate this day. Heal the World 4 Us is there to work for our youth. This day will be the start of the construction of our ONLY 5 RAND in Bloemfontein. Please like our ONLY 5 RAND
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  19. 2014 - April 27: Thanks Mercedes Bench Lenasia for our fuel.
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  20. 2014 - April 27: Facebook page for “Smart Baby Rhino”:
    Facebook Page:
  21. 2014 - April 27: Thanks GOD for my bed for tonight and Road Lodge Potch.
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  22. 2014 - April 29: 3000 km cycled halfway. Thanks GOD.
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  23. 2014 - April 29: Klerksdorp 29.4.2014 tomorrow off to Bloem. Stays in a place with the word “RIO” in the name.
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  24. 2014 - April 30: Southern Sun Bloemfontein.
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  25. 2014 - April 30: Thanks to Mercedes Benz Klerksdorp for our fuel.
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MAY 2014:

  1. 2014 - May 1: Southern Sun Bloemfontein. Thanks GOD for a warm bed last night back in Bloemfontein.
  2. 2014 - May 1: City Lodge Hotel. Thank GOD thanks for today to have planted the first olive tree on the ONLY 5 RAND land and giving me warm bed to sleep tonight
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  3. 2014 - May 3: Angel’s Haven Guesthouse is conveniently situated in Fichardtpark, one of the upmarket and key areas of Bloemfontein. We are easily accessible from the N1 and the Bloemfontein Airport.
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  4. 2014 - May 4: Example of our label to save our rhinos, giving TCM a product that will work better than dead rhino horn.
    User comment by Philip Prinsloo:
    Given the level of product differentiation in the Asian market, consumers are unlikely to opt for a product replacement based on an evidently bogus, scientifically laughable premise. Any physics, chemistry or physiology graduate, or even a sane high school physics/biology student, can tell you that "Using Quantum Technologies to harvest energy fields of a live rhino horn and infuse it in structured memory water..." is rubbish. You won't achieve much by replacing one deceitful product for another, and will likely do harm by merely (and falsely) insinuating any connection between rhino and "healing" properties, since there is none.
    Enzo van Vuuren replies:
    What makes you a expert in this field.
    Philip Prinsloo replies:
    You mean the field of 'energy fields'? I am dux/valedictorian of the classes of 2009-2011 and 2012 in BSc. Physics, Math & Applied math, and BSc (Hons) in Physics respectively at my alma mater. That should render me an expert relative to the mean member of the public, though an expert's opinion is hardly needed to dispel the insinuations of this pamphlet. At any rate, I have studied quantum physics, and can confidently declare that organisms such as rhinos and ourselves have no significant 'fields' of energy, that energy released in the excitation and consequent decay of particles to stabler energy levels is released as heat and can scarcely be harvested in nature yet alone stored in substances as mundane as water, which can at the very most maintain an excited state for a few minutes and does not retain heat for long. Have you ever left your coffee standing? Though all of this boils down to no utter significance unless you first explain how you purport this 'healing' mambo jumbo to function. So, over to you, just know that there are scientists ready to tear these lies to shreds - this is the age of information, friend, and you are going to have to defend what you say.
    Enzo van Vuuren replies:
    Glad you have studied quantum physics then you will understand that if a person belief the animal is strong and that thy belief it will heal them it is possible. So the belief that it heals is energy . how it is done is our plan And water has got memory and we can i transfer it in to the water.So when tay drink it it can heal them.
    Philip Prinsloo Facebook:
    Facebook Page:
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  5. 2014 - May 4: Road Lodge.
    See image:
  6. 2014 - May 5: Urban Hotel Bloemfontein.
  7. 2014 - May 6: Breakfast at the Urban Hotel Bloemfontein. Thanks.
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  8. 2014 - May 6: And so a norther day trusting in the ONLY ONE GOD Thanks.
  9. 2014 - May 7: Willow Lake Protea Hotel, Bloemfontein.
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  10. 2014 - May 8: My home for the night thanks to my FATHER confirming my destiny Nusa Dua is known as an enclave of large international 5-star resorts in south-eastern Bali. It is located 40 kilometres from Denpasar, the provincial capital of Bali, and administered under Kuta South District. Nusa Dua means two islands.
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  11. 2014 - May 8: Thanks to Anta Boga.South Africa. Anta Boga which means – Abundance of food, It is a place inspired by the myth and wonder of one of the world’s most vibrant cultures.
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  12. 2014 - May 11: Emoya Hotel & Spa.
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  13. 2014 - May 14: Thanks GOD i enjoy the warm harts of Bloemfontein. Tonight, Florentia Guest House.
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  14. 2014 - May 15: Thanks GOD out in nature tonight.Come and relax close to nature in your own private chalet.
    El Shaddai is situated in the quiet residential area of Rayton (adjacent to Heuwelsig), yet a stone`s throw away from the shopping Malls and major Hospitals in Bloemfontein with fast access to all major freeways and tourist attractions. El Shaddai is definitely your best stay on a budget.
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  15. 2014 - May 16: Thanks GOD giving me a nice home for the night at Orchard Guest House is situated in Fichardt Park, a quiet, safe and upmarket suburb in Bloemfontein. We boast breathtaking garden views from all of our rooms and also offer a crystal clear swimming pool. I love water.
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  16. 2014 - May 19: Bloem Spa Lodge ,Thanks GOD for giving me a warm bed.
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  17. 2014 - May 21: Thanks GOD for giving me a home away from home. Lily Gastehuis, in die noordelike voorstede van Bloemfontein, is slegs 5 km vanaf die N1, halfpad tussen Johannesburg en Kaapstad, maar tog geleë in ‘n stil omgewing. Ons is trots op ons ware gasvryheid en uitstekende persoonlike diens. Ons help graag met vervoerreëlings van en na die lughawe en ander plaaslike bestemmings in Bloemfontein.
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  18. 2014 - May 22: Alhentha Guest House, My new home in Bloem. Situated on a smallholding overlooking the rural areas and the land of the Only 5 Rand Coinin Bloemfontein, yet close to the city centre and close to the Botanical Gardens is Alhentha, a charming guest house that welcomes travellers seeking the little extras in life...
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  19. 2014 - May 24: Thanks GOD for a lovely 3 day visit to Franklin View. IT is an up market Guesthouse situated on the Northern slopes of Naval Hill (The highest house on the Northern slopes) with a magnificent view over the suburb of Waverley with its beautiful trees of purple, orange and green during daytime and an ocean of flickering lights at night. The rustic atmosphere of yellow wood and leather in the spacious living area gives you a warm feeling of comfort.
    See image:
  20. 2014 - May 27: Thanks GOD for giving me a welcome stay @ The Villa. For a quiet , relaxing stay in an up market Guesthouse. Committed to deliver high quality service in hospitality and tourism.
    With luxuriously appointed rooms, all en-suite, upbeat facilities and a beautiful garden with a full Khoi pond and Bonzai trees, with tranquil settings and ample secure parking, monitored by CCTV cameras. We invite you to experience our hospitality and comfort, away from home!
    See image:
  21. 2014 - May 27: Thanks GOD 5 star and nr 5 for the night. We offer you a luxurious and comfortable stay at Castello Guesthouse. Your convenience is important to us. We offer 9 lovely rooms, to suite our Guest's needs. Our rooms are serviced daily with excellence and precision. Our Conference Facility ensures that all meetings, conferences and events is executed in professional manner and to ensure that it meets the needs of our Guests. Our Facility can accommodate up to 50 people in a classroom style, the venue can be adjusted according to our guest's needs.
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JUNE 2014:

  1. 2014 - June 2: New beginnings new home of Heal the World 4 Us Training Center. Only 5 Rand first students will train hear.
    See image:
  2. 2014 - June 2: Image with the words “Haldon Estate Home of Eco City Bloemfontein. Also on the image is his Heal the World 4 Us logo and the ADASA logo.
    See image:
    On a comment made by Enzo he lists the following address and mentions how this is a training centre for his Heal the World 4 Us project:
    Heal the World 4 Us Training center.
    Eco City.
    1 Spesery Avenue,
    Haldon Estate.
    Bloemfontein 9301
  3. 2014 - July 6: At camp Unity 50 km outside Bloemfontein. Heal the World 4 Us Basic and technical training center.
  4. 2014 - June 9: "In 30 years of practicing medicine I have not seen anything that even remotely touches this***** The words of one medical professional after he saw the effects of Liquid Rhino Horn on his patients.
    Photo of Enzo’s rhino liquid attached to the post.
    See image:
  5. 2014 - June 26: “Thanks to our sponsors the project is growing.” Picture of four bottles of his rhino horn liquid attached to the post.
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JULY 2014:

  1. 2014 - July 6: Camp Unity Bloemfontein.
    See image:
  2. 2014 - July 14: Moving my equipment from George to Bloem. Let the road begin. First stop Willomore.
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  • 2014 - September 28: My children, Duan, Lorenzo and Enzoniq. Wishing Lorenzo, Duan and Daniélle Human a save trip to France and Switzerland.
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  • OCTOBER 2014:

    1. 2014 - October 25: Miss Heal the World 4 US Good Heart 2014-2015. Advert saying the marketing team will be ready to start selling blocks to sponsors.
      See image:

    NOVEMBER 2014:

    1. 2014 - November 14: What an opportunity for your company to be part of Save our Environment Campaign. Hand it out as a corporate gift , use it as a marketing tool or as a gift for your Staff’s children. We create opportunities for handicap and less fortunate people. Our dream is to distribute 49 00 000 and create a caring society in South Africa. Every one that walks with a small incubator can relate with the next person. Immediately it sparks something between two people to talk about . Image the ripple effect. WOW !!!!
      SPEKBOOM: a Perfect gift to someone you love.
      Prices range from R25 to R40
      See image with Graham Abbott wearing an incubator.

    JANUARY 2015

    1. 2015 - January 8: Montagu Country Hotel.
      See image:
    2. 2015 - January 12: Miss Good Heart Plants 2015 Roze Mittler.
    3. 2015 - January 12: Plea for support of the “product holders” on Route 62. Miss Good Heart Plants will promote and market the “incubators Sponsorship of R250 is asked. For this you get your branding on 250 incubators sold in the Free State. You will also be given 10 “Eco Incubators” branded with your logo to sell or give away.
      See image:

    FEBRUARY 2015:

    1. 2015 - February 7: Shares a link to his Facebook page “The Orphanage 4 Baby Rhinos”.
      See image:
    2. 2015 - February 17: Welcome to our first green project in Cape town. And soon in Bloemfontein. Enzo announces his project “Lets Go Green Couriers”.
      See image:

    MARCH 2015:

    1. 2015 - March 6: The Commodore (Legacy Group).
      See image:
    2. 2015 - March 9: Village Luxury Suites Boutique Guest House.
      See image:
    3. 2015 - March 10: Alpha du Cap Guest House.
    4. 2015 - March 11: Thanks God for a lovely stay ,now waiting for the Table Talk newspaper to do interview me. Lets Go Green Couriers.
      Stays at Elizabeth’s (084 361 3234).
      See image:
    5. 2015 - March 12: Start of Enzo’s Arizona trip.
      See image:
    6. 2015 - March 13: More Arizona trip photos, some featuring him with a bicycle like he was cycling there promoting his thing.
      See image:
    7. 2015 - March 15: Posts a Miss Heal the World 4 Us graphic, it shows an Angie Kennedy, Miss Goog Heart 2015.
      See image:
    8. 2015 - March 15: Arizona trip he took, one photo is of an entrance gate, signage says it is “Monsanto, Arizona Cotton Research Centre.
      See image:
    9. 2015 - March 20: Garden Court, Nelson Mandela Boulevard.
      See image:
    10. 2015 - March 23: Eland Street B&B.
      See image:
    11. 2015 - March 23: Post a link to all his news coverage:
    12. 2015 - March 26: Edenwood House, George.
      See image:

    MARCH 2015:

    1. 2015 - March 27: Thanks to the staff at Town Lodge George.
      See image:
    2. 2015 - March 29: Wilderness Hotel Resort & Spa.
      See image:
    3. 2015 - March 29: I recently became part of the healing / awareness initiative Miss Heal the World 4 Us Good Heart 2014-2015 Yesterday we sent Roze Mittler, our lovely MISS GOODHEART PLANTS from Bloemfontein High school on her exciting trip towards the R62, promoting its recent inclusion as part of the Green Route. Abraham Enzo van Vuuren is filming her adventure. This young student is OUT THERE MAKING A DIFFERENCE planting trees and making connections! We are proud of you Roze! heart emoticon.
      See image:

    APRIL 2015:

    1. 2015 - April 2: Him at York High School.
      See image:
    2. 2015 - April 10: Sun Square Cape Town.
      See image:
    3. 2015 - April 10: Has to have an operation at Groote Schuur Hospital because he has a detached retina on his left eye.
      See image:
    4. 2015 - April 12: Him at Pacaltsdorp High School, Pacaltsdorp, Western Cape. He is doing a tree planting with the kids from the school.
      See image:
    5. 2015 - April 25: Thanks Mez Karoo Kitchen in Two Swords Textiles for supporting his Green Route g2 initiative.
      See image:
    6. 2015 - April 29: Breakfast in Montagu Country Hotel. He is sitting with two other people at the table as well, one is one of his Miss Good Heart winners.
      See image:

    MAY 2015:

    1. 2015 - May 2: 1 May 2015 was celebrated for the 3 year as Heal the World 4 Us day. The new Green Route 62 Info Center was opened to create jobs for the youth. Charmaine Du Toit was appointed as the CEO of the route.
      See image:
    2. 2015 - May 4: And the Compost Creation winner is... (Drumroll) Nadia Guhring! Congratulations Nadia, you're going to Zambia with GreenPop for a week! You wowed our judges with your 100% upcycled bag and the amount of effort you put into it.

      We would also like to thank everyone who entered our competition, we loved each and every one, but unfortunately there can only be one winner.

      See image:
    3. 2015 - May 5: Well the office is open and Enzo and Charmaine is asking for your support. As part of our vision to create local jobs, young people manufacture these mugs . We want to market our upcycled tyre mugs with spekboom inside to green our route. For only R350 we will deliver to you. Help us Green the route Call Enzo on 0713034007 or inbox us.
      See image:
    4. 2015 - May 19: We want to give a huge thanks to the chidren form Smithsville who came and help us with the clean up in sum parts of Smithsville. All children who helped finger was marked with a green marker. The children was treated with a the film Lina & Leo, popcorn and cooldrinks. This film was made in Barrydale and Smithsville. And then a big thanks to the Producers Yolande Botha and Kate Uys for the opportunity to share this with our Green Route 62. We also thank them for there sponsorship to our Job creation programe.
      See image:

    JULY 2015:

    1. 2015 - July 11: “Me 8 years ago in Rapport News paper.” - Old news article about him and a company that sold or made brandy under the label “De La Rey-brsndewyn”.
    2. 2015 - July 23: Picture of him with some guys cutting trees with chainsaws and him saying “Training our students”.
      See image:
    3. 2015 - July 24: Posts old news about him having been to the the rhino orphanage.
      See image:
    4. 2015 - July 25: Student bus for our students on Green Route 62. The bus in the background has his logo placed on it using photoshop, and not a good job of it.
      See image:
    5. 2015 - July 25: Stays at Brightwater Lodge B&B in Hout Bay.
      See image:
    6. 2015 - July 26: Stays at The Beach House B&B in Hout Bay.
      See image:
    7. 2015 - July 28: Seacliffe Lodge (Hout Bay?).
      See image:
    8. 2015 - July 28: Stays at Harbour Master B&B.
      See image:
    9. 2015 - July 28: Thanks to Manic Cycles for there co sponsorship for the ten delivery Bikes for the Green Route 62 Lets Go Green Bicycle Couriers.
      See image:

    2015 AUGUST:

    1. 2015 - August 3: Well the time is over had a good 10 days in Hout Bay. I have completed 4000 km of my 6000 km cycling challenge in hout bay and now going back to Barrydale.
      See image:
    2. 2015 - August 21: Protea Hotel Cape Castle Waterfront.
      See image:
    3. 2015 - August 30: Image he created with the following wording on it:
      “Thanks for your support. Spring is coming please lets get more green mugs in town. This project is to create jobs for the youth of Smithville. Call Enzo @ 071 303 4007”.
      See image:

    2015 SEPTEMBER:

    1. 2015 - September 7: Arriving in Magaliesburg.
      See image:
    2. 2015 - September 16: Windmill Lodge Bloemfontein.
      See image:
    3. 2015 - September 21: Smart Baby Rhino car broken down and having to be towed.
      See image:
    4. 2015 - September 30: One Step closer.Thank you Dr Wilhelm Schack
      Owner, veterinarian and ecologist
      +27 83 301 8119 wilhelm@ekowild.co.za for helping us with the Management plan for Cape Nature. He was visiting The Green Route 62 Office with Enzo Van Vuuren in Barrydale.
      See image:

    2015 OCTOBER:

    1. 2015 - October 29: Erecting the Wattle fence at Heidi Obrist house, Barrydale.
      Facebook Page:
      See image:

    JANUARY 2016:

    1. 2016 - January 10: Started working at Project Eden.
    2. 2016 - January 10: President Hotel, Cape Town.
      See image:
    3. 2016 - January 16: Shares a meme with the following words on it:
      “You don't need to make up laws to protect history unless you are trying to protect a lie”. There is a photo of a Nazi concentration camp showing Jews in prison outfits.
      See image:
    4. 2016 - January 31: The Almighty God said a WORD about it just before it started in January 1987. Here is the prophecy spoken out in Afrikaans when received from God during November 1986.
      "Omdat hierdie volk hul rug op My gedraai het, wederstrewig is en weier om na My terug te keer, daarom sal Ek hulle oorgee aan 'n harde nasie en hulle sal hul berowe en doodmaak dae lank."
      This Boere Nation is still to busy in Idol worship, politics and church lies with greed for money in fraud and deception.
      They do not have the time to get back to God as a nation because they are very busy with their very own concerns and do not care about their neighbour.
      See image:

    FEBRUARY 2016:

    1. 2016 - February 4: Outeniqua Lodge George.
      See image:
    2. 2016 - February 9: Contents of the Green Route 62 Passport 2016.
    3. 2016 - February 10: Lovely swim. Thanks to my sponsor Sun International Sun Golden Valley in Worcester.
      See image:
    4. 2016 - February 12: Getting all ready for Go Green Couriers. Pictures of envelopes ready to be mailed with the “Go Green Couriers” logo on the envelope. You pay R10,000 and he sets you up in your own green courier franchise.
      See image:

    MARCH 2016:

    1. 2016 - March 2: Queen of Calitzdorp the best.
      See image:
    2. 2016 - March 6:
      Karen Landman-Taylor:
      Ironies genoeg is Heal our World die naam van jou werk. Dit beteken niks as jy so n rasis is. Search my heart, o Lord.
      Enzo van Vuuren:
      Heal the World 4 Us gaan oor die waarheid al maak dit seer.
      Karen Landman-Taylor:
      Jou wereld en jou waarheid.
      Enzo van Vuuren:
      Jy weet nie eers wat rasis beteken nie.
      Karen Landman-Taylor:
      Ummmm nee. Ek doen nie. Ek is skoon dom.
      Enzo van Vuuren:
      See image:
    3. 2016 - March 6: Fairy Knowe Hotel Willderness.
      See image:
    4. 2016 - March 31: George Lodge.
      See image:

    MAY 2016:

    1. 2016 - May 16: Start of Green Shed Project.
      See image:
    2. 2016 - May 29: Mymering Guest House.
      See image:
    3. 2016 - May 29: The start of the Green Shed project. (Project Eden related).

    JUNE 2016:

    1. 2016 - June 2: Protea Hotel, Hatfield.
    2. 2016 - June 3: Protea Hotel, O.R. Tambo.
    3. 2016 - June 13: Protea Hotel Klerksdorp.
      See image:
    4. 2016 - June 15: Garden Court Hotel Kimberley.
      See image:

    JULY 2016:

    1. 2016 - July 10: Camping @ Hartenbos river.
      See image:
    2. 2016 - July 19: Planting 40 trees in Wilderness.
      See image:
    3. 2016 - July 30: This morning at Chandelier Game Lodge.
      See image:
    4. 2016 - July 31: Planing future of die Eden Projek. With Ken, Enzo,Bertus,and Jay. On the farm at baviaanskloof. 2200 Hectare farm.
      See image:

    OCTOBER 2016:

    1. 2016 - October 26: Arends Rus George.

    NOVEMBER 2016:

    1. 2016 - November 11: Delivering Reliance compost. To save the palm trees. Thanks to Reliance for sponsoring the compost.
      See image:
    2. 2016 - November 23: Warmwaterberg Spa.
      See image:
    3. 2016 - November 30: Kranskloof Country Lodge.
      See image:

    DECEMBER 2016

    1. 2016 - December 26: Driving around in the bronze coloured Mazda bakkie.
      See image:

    JANUARY 2017:

    1. 2017 - January 2: Enzo states on his Facebook page he is cutting ties with the Eden Project.
      Link to video he had on the post:
      See image:
    2. 2017 - January 5: Sorry I don't usually do this but I don't care for the boervolk there are people we do not kill. Know What's going on with the man behind the Eden project.
    3. 2017 - January 5: A report of crimen injuria will be opened tomorrow at SAP. I'm not a witbaster. I'm a real boervolk.
      See image:
    4. 2017 - January 24: Venue Day 1 of the Drone Film Festival in April. Barrydale. Joubert -Tradauw Kelder. Green Route 62.
      See image:

    FEBRUARY 2017:

    1. 2017 - February 3: Pinnacle Point Mosselbay.
    2. 2017 - February 4: Pinnacle Point Mosselbay.
    3. 2017 - February 5: Pinnacle Point Mosselbay.
      See image:
    4. 2017 - February 9: Ludwig’s Roses was established in 1971, north of Pretoria. From small beginnings, through hard work and passion our specialist nursery has grown to become the strongest rose brand in South Africa. Our strength lies in the vast variety that we stock and in the quality plants that we propagate. Visiting any one of our rose centres is an experience for the senses. Come and let her beauty inspire you. Roses can be purchased and planted all year round. Let us colour your garden with the rose that grows!
      See image:
    5. 2017 - February 15: Protea Hotel Fire & Ice, Cape Town.
      See image:
      Staff member that dealt with Enzo:
    6. 2017 - February 19:
      Andrew van Ginkel:
      Abraham Enzo van Vuuren what is the aim of the car? Are you still raising money for the rhino orphanage in Limpopo as you drive around with it?
      Abraham Enzo van Vuuren:
      Sorry only get back to you now.I committed for the 4000km there is still 1000km left. Little logbook is collecting the funds
      Andrew van Ginkel:
      How does that work? You get sponsored for each kilometer you do in the car by individuals / companies and then the money gets handed to the rhino orphanage in Limpopo? Can I also put one of their devices in my car and do the same, or do they only give money to specific charities they deal with?
      Abraham Enzo van Vuuren:
      Send me your nr.
      See image:
    7. 2017 - February 25: Thanks to the rangers of Faerie Glen game reserve helping with the dung.
      See image:
    8. 2017 - February 25: A start of n new adventure Rhino Paper. We collecting Rhino dung with the rangers of Faerie Glen game reserve to make paper.
      See image: