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Abraham Enzo van Vuuren has been running numerous "projects" over the years which are aimed at promoting issues surrounding the environment and the plight facing South Africa's rhinos. These projects he promotes on his countless Facebook pages and in various newspapers and on news websites. He has used this media exposure not only to promote his projects, but to also prove to people that he is passionate about saving the planet. There is, however, a bit of a dark side to this story. Most of his projects have not actually achieved much, and he has used them to make a living and to fool people into believing he has honourable intentions when he approaches them to either sell things to them, or when he wants them to become part of his schemes. This page was initially created because he claimed he was starting a rhino orphanage, but when he was asked to prove his claims were true, he reacted aggressively and mocked anyone who challenged him about his non-existent rhino orphanage.

When someone tries to challenge him or exposes his false claims on Facebook or pages like this, Enzo lays charges against the individuals for making false accusations against him. The author of this page was contacted recently by people who had been abused by Enzo, and what became clear, was the fact that he needs to be exposed in order to warn others who might in future fall for his schemes. What these people experienced is shocking, and due to the sensitive nature of the information it has not been published on this page. The victims have also opened cases against him, some of them are still open and pending a trial. What was shocking was how few of the journalists whom Enzo approached bothered to do some basic research before they promoted him on their websites or in their newspapers. Many of his victims trusted what he said because of the articles promoting Enzo, and in a way they have enabled this situation to continue.

Illegal Crocodile Breeding

Enzo and his friend Solo have a little sideline business breeding crocodiles on a property near Rustenburg. The photo below was taken off a post which was published on Enzo's Facebook page on 20 December 2018. A witness who has visited the property says that there were baby crocodiles in the bath at the house and also in the swimming pool.

The Knysna Fires

In 2017 the area in and around Knysna in the Western Cape province of South Afica was hit by a series of devastating fires that caused vast amounts of destruction. About 600 people lost their homes and seven people lost their lives. In response to the fires, Enzo made a post on his Facebook page explaining what he thought was the reason behind the fires, below are two extracts from his post:

"Knysna has been the centre for the Pink Loerie festival and last year 12 gay marriages took place at the festival after the NG Kerk voted to agree to same sex marriage."

"I cannot help but see this as a judgement on a town that refused to clean up and align itself with God's ways."

For someone who runs and organisation called "Heal the World 4 Us" one would expect a little more compassion for those who were affected by the fires.

The "Land Rover Scam"

After doing a search on Facebook for Enzo van Vuuren, I discovered a post written by Louis Smith on 5 December 2016. Louis had seen an advert for a secondhand Land Rover which Enzo was selling for R35,000. Louis was interested in buying the vehicle and arranged to meet with Enzo so he could make a plan to see the vehicle. Enzo arrived carrying a folder which had numerous new articles inside it. The articles promoted Enzo's various green initiatives which he ran. Enzo also mentioned how he was a man of God, which gave Louis the impression that Enzo was an honest guy. Enzo also asked Louis if he could give him R10,000 in advance, which, he said was for a few last-minute repairs that he wanted to do before handing over the car. The vehicle was parked on a property outside George in the Western Cape. The address Enzo gave Louis was in a rather rough area, and he started to suspect something was not quiet right. His suspicions were not wrong, and he discovered that the vehicle was nothing more than a pile of scrap. Louis then asked Enzo for his money back. After Enzo refused to pay the money back, Louis decided to open a fraud case against Enzo. Enzo in return then opened a case against Louis for his "slanderous" Facebook post. Louis is still waiting for the police to take the matter further, and it seems like it is not ever going to go to court.

78 Nights of Free Accommodation & Sponsored Petrol

One of Enzo's projects which he regularly promotes on his many Facebook pages is a 6000 km cycle ride around South Africa. The aim of the cycle ride he said was to raise awareness about rhinos and to promote his various green initiatives. Enzo, who did the ride without anyone accompanying him, somehow managed to drive his smart car with its paper mache rhino horn attached to the front while he was also cycling on his bike. He would also stop at hotels and bed & breakfasts along the route and ask them for a free night's accommodation, which he was given because of his dedication to his various causes he was promoting. If you scroll down his Facebook timeline you will see his posts thanking at least 78 establishments for the free night's accommodation and sometimes a free meal. He also mentions being sponsored petrol by 7 different Mercedes Benz dealerships. Enzo has been doing this ride around the country for years, and is still doing it.

On Enzo's website there is a page with information about his 6000 km cycle ride. On the page he says that he has a company that was willing to sponsor him R100 a kilometer, and that he was planning to give this money to The Rhino Orphanage in Limpopo. The Rhino Orphanage have never received any money from Enzo, and yet he claims has already completed 3000 km of the 4000 km journey. The other 2000 km he says was going to be given to other charities.

On the same page Enzo also states that the 6000 km is a joint venture between the "Anti Drug Aligns of South Africa N P O". The Anti Drug Alliance of South Africa, which was renamed The Clear Option, were contacted about their non profit number being mentioned as part of an initiative by Enzo van Vuuren, and they said they have never given him permission to raise funds on their behalf, and that he is in no way tied to or endorsed by them.

News Article:
Pretoria East Record: He Rides Around for Rhinos

The Orphanage 4 Baby Rhinos

In South Africa the poaching of rhinos has created a need for specialist care facilities which take on the baby rhinos which are orphaned when their mothers get poached. Enzo decided he was going to start up his own orphanage, and in an article in The George Herald he states that his orphanage would "provide a supplementary service to The Rhino Orphanage in Limpopo". When asked if they were aware of Enzo's plan to take on their "excess rhinos", The Rhino Orphanage said that they had not been approached by Enzo about this proposed scheme. Enzo spoke to the owners of the Kwelanga Private Game Reserve outside George and asked them if he could build his orphanage on their land, and they initially agreed to give him some land, but soon realised that it was not going to become a reality, and they asked him to leave. Enzo also held an event at the Kwelanga Private Game Reserve to raise funds for his project. When he was questioned about the orphanage on his Facebook page and people accused him of lying, he became aggressive and laughed at people's comments accusing him of running a "fake orphanage. He also took photos from other people's Facebook pages of baby rhinos, and when asked to take them off his page, he refused to do so.

Liquid Rhino Horn

On the website for Enzo's Heal the World 4 Us organisation there is a product which he markets called "Liquid Rhino Horn". He claims it acts as a "rhino horn replacement" for people who use rhino horn as a traditional Chinese medicine. Enzo has no formal medical training and is also not a qualified as a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner. He also does he have any formal qualifications as a chemist or pharmacist, yet he makes rather bold claims about his product on the label that he puts on his bottles of "Liquid Rhino Horn":

"Liquid Rhino Horn (LRH) is a 100% natural product to replace the use of dead rhino horn and really help the people that suffer from Cancer, Aids and all acidic chronic conditions. 95% of all disease is caused by acidosis. This product helps to get your body more alkaline. We use Quantum Technologies to Infused the quantum energy field of live rhino's horn together with all the healing beliefs of TCM Traditional Chinese medicine into structured memory water, combining a botanical blend of natural oils without harming or stressing the animals. Creating a very powerful, beneficial natural product to replace the use of dead rhino horn. 500 000 rhinos killed for this belief in the last 75 years, this has to stop."

On the webpage for his "Liquid Rhino Horn" he asks people to sponsor a bottle of "Liquid Rhino Horn" at a cost of R100 a bottle. This "sponsorship" he says he uses to pay the costs of producing the liquid and to pay for the postage to send it to Vietnam. He also has the following "endorsement" of his product on his page:

"In 30 years of practicing medicine I have not seen anything that even remotely touches this."

The name of the medical expert who said this is not mentioned.

The Eden Project

Enzo van Vuuren runs various initiatives which aim to help previously disadvantaged communities. A fairly large proportion of those he choses to help are "non-whites", which seems odd, considering the fact that one of the first projects he worked on and endorsed, was The Eden Project. The goal of the project was to create a "whites only" settlement in the Northern Cape province of South Africa.

News Article:
IOL - Only whites will be welcome in this eden

The Big 5 Rand Coin

In an article published on 5 November 2013 on the SABusinessIndex website, Enzo mentioned that he had been given 100 hectares of land by an ex Springbok rugby player, Ollie Le Roux, upon which he planned to build a giant R5 coin. See below for his description of the project:

"The organisation plans to build a coin with a circumference of 4km outside Bloemfontein which will for the most part be used as a green house to cultivate vegetables. A hotel, conference facilities, educational facilities, beautiful gardens, an amphitheatre and walkways to lead the public through the 'farm' are part of the plans."

On a post on his Facebook page he explains how he plans to finance the project:

"As part of the Launch in Dec 2012 Enzo has started this challenge in Cape Town at the V&A Waterfront on the 12.12.2012. Corne Labuschagne is showing her support by cycling with Enzo in 2013 as a support rider. This will go together with the marketing of the 1 000 000 square meters blocks of our R 5 Coin. These blocks will be sold to sponsors at a R 1000 per Block. NPO nr 087-815 is available for Tax deductions."

Further down the post he says that the project is a joint venture with the "Anti Drug Aligns of South Africa". The NPO number he mentions on his post is one that is tied to the Anti Drug Alliance of South Africa, which was recently been renamed The Clear Option.

The Anti Drug Alliance of South Africa were contacted and asked if their non profit had in any way endorsed or given Heal the World 4 Us permission to raise money for their organization. They responded and said they had not given permission to Heal the World 4 Us to either use their name or raise money on their behalf.

To assist Enzo with his goal to build the big coin, Renault Bryanston gave him a vehicle that he could use. The project did not get very far, and was shut down on 12 December 2015, a year after it was started. Enzo said that this was due to a lack of finances and because he had lost the use of his left eye.


There is an advert on Enzo's website selling a scheme where he claims you can earn R10,000 a month selling "restructured mineral water". The water, according to Enzo, gets bottled at Haldon Estate in Bloemfontein. Haldon Estate were contacted about this "restructured mineral water" project. They said that they do not, and have not got a water bottling facility on their property. They also stated that they do not have any ties or dealings with Enzo van Vuuren and that he was using their name without permission.

Miss Heal the World 4 Us Good Heart  2014-2015

Enzo started his own beauty pageant which he called Miss Heal the World 4 Us Good-Heart. The beauty pageant took place at schools in South Africa. The winners of the pageant became ambassadors for his green initiatives and would raise funds for charity by selling raffle tickets.

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The Spekboom Project & The Green Route 62

Enzo runs four "Green Route" Facebook pages that he uses to promote his green initiatives. He also has a another page, the Spekboom Challenge 2018-2019, and on that page he promotes a succulent plant which he says absorbs significant amounts of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. He approaches various tourism businesses and promotes these Green Routes, asking then to purchase some of his spekboom cuttings which he puts in plastic tubes and sells for R35.


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